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Seat race

I need some seat-racing advice!!

So, my spot in boats has always been determined and I've never had to compete for one, per se. I am trying to work with a new team this fall before I transfer schools in January to a university with a very strong rowing program. Working with the local club women will give me a chance to really work my skills so that when I arrive at the school in January, I am well prepared to compete for a spot.

So, these women are also looking at another cox, a male, who they're testing out on Thursday. Then on Saturday, they're seat racing with me in one 4+, and him in the other. This is the real deal, the big chance for me to prove that I deserve the spot.

And, I am really fucking nervous.

SO! please give me any and all advice! today was my first time on the water since april, and it went well, but I need to be astounding on Saturday so that I can get the spot I want. I don't know much about this other cox, and I don't really want to--I just want to be the best I can be.

Please give me some ideas of things you typically say during seat races (but i dont know these rowers, and I'll be in a bow-loader, so I won't get to talk to them much about specifics). anything i should really try to feel for, listen for, say in particular? i have also never coxed a seat race, because the last time my team did it they used straight 4-s.

please advise!
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