accidental love (accidental_love) wrote in coxbox,
accidental love

I need some advice ...

I've been coxing for my team at races even though I'm living three hours away ... there's a race this weekend that they're going to, and want me to cox them. The problem is that there is ONE other boat in our race. I don't need to be there, they could put a rock in the front of the boat instead of me and we'd still win. With gas prices what they are, it's going to cost me at least $30 to get there and back.

I told them that I'd cox for them before I found out what a dinky regatta it was. Is there any nice way of backing out? Alternately, is there anyone in the Detroit/Windsor area that would want to cox? :)

I know it's a silly situation, but if anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it.
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