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Made a cox over the weekend...

I had my first row yesterday...

The coach told me, though, that they need a permanent cox, not a rower (there's more than enough of those to go around, he said)...and I got some weird looks when I was actually HAPPY about that. So, this is fine for me, but I need some advice...what makes a practice effective? (We row for two's just a small club, but we do compete in regional regattas, and eventually, I want to move on to a larger club, so I want to use this experience to learn as much as I can, skill-wise. It's really rather low-key, so I think that will be good, too, as I've never done this before. All I know is what I've read, which is a lot.)

Is there merit in listening to recordings at this point? Reading the books? (Aside from actually DOING it and putting the theoretical knowledge--i.e. what I've learned from reading--into practice.)

And, a couple of guys in the club made some pretty pointed comments about me coxing (I'm a female...), that "you NEED to learn how to row",and I explained that I have every intention of doing so--at least, definitely getting better than I am, as my strength isn't quite what it should be, but this session ends on the 11th of next month, so I will have until May to get up to par. I'm planning on keeping up with running, and joining a gym, so I can use the ergs, and is there any sort of lifting I should do? Obviously, I don't want to bulk up, but I want to be able to row well enough that they'll understand that _I_ understand what they're dealing with.

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks, though, for any input. If you want, you can e-mail or; IM: Yahoo=joliebird/AIM=joliebird06

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